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Own & Loan

The concept of Own & Loan means that you will be the owner of your favourite players jersey, which will be loaned back to the club and player for the 2016-17 season.

The package costs from £100 and includes an invitation to the jersey presentation ceremony where you will present your allotted player with his jersey for the season, followed by an end of season handover ceremony where it will be returned to you by the player.

Jersey owners will also be named on their players’ profile on

For more information or to purchase your Own & Loan package, please contact Tracy Ross by emailing:


Terms & Conditions

1.     Full payment of £100 or £250 must be made at time of application via debit/credit card. 

2.     The Own & Loan package now replaces the previous shirt sponsorship packages. However, owners names will not feature on the jerseys.

3.     As players have multiple jerseys. The Braehead Clan reserve the right to use jerseys for alternative purposes.

4.     The Own & Loan package is specific to a player, therefore is non transferable.

5.     In the event of a jersey owner being unable to attend an event, the club would endeavour to facilitate a handover of the jersey. However due to scheduling commitments, this can not be guaranteed.