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NEWS: Get the new Clansman tonight!

Issue 5 of The Clansman has arrived today and will be on sale tonight in the Braehead Arena foyer priced at £5.00 from the programme table.

This bumper edition contains:

-       Interview with forward #14 Derek Roehl

-   Interview with former Dundee Stars head coach Dan Ceman

-       Backstage with Clan TV’s Alistair Girvan

-       Scott Mullen’s Column

-       Review of the month

-       Q+A with Jeff Smith

-       Where are they now with Bruce Richardson

-       Interview with Matt Haywood

-       NHL Review

COMPETITION: You could also have a chance to win a limited edition Braehead Clan poster. If you have a Blue Ice Brand sticker on the Ryan Finnerty article, take your Clansman to the VIP table during the 1st or 2nd interval and one of the Braehearts will present you with a poster.